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SCMD, Malihabad

SCMD, Malihabad

SCMD, Malihabad

SCMD, Malihabad

SCMD, Malihabad

SCMD, Malihabad

SCMD, Malihabad
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            Society For Conservation of Mango Diversity (SCMD) identified farmers, which over time and space are maintaining, enhancing and creating genetic diversity and ensuring their availability to and from farmers. Custodian farmers of these communities are conserver who are actively maintaining mango diversity.

Participation in Workshop on Custodian Farmers of Agricultural Biodiversity 2013
            Three custodian farmers Mr Chhotey Lal, Raja Ram and Nawab Hasan participated in Workshop on Custodian Farmers of Agricultural Biodiversity: Policy support for their roles in use and conservation on February 11 and 12, at New Delhi together with 22 tropical fruit tree farmers, from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal and Thailand, to share common experiences and challenges related to conserving and using biodiversity on the farm.

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Custodian Farmers of Malihabad

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Custodian Farmers

Chhote Lal Kashyap
Limited Resources Led Farmers to Create and Conserve Mango Varieties, Malihabad
Malihabad, one of the three tehsils (smallest political unit) of Lucknow, has several claims to fame but it is the mango varieties that have put the town on the world map, as when the Malihabadi Dashehari variety was granted Geographical Indication registration in 2009. The Malihabad forms a part of.... Read More..
Maiku Lal
Finding the Balance Between Commercial and Seedling Trees in Sarsanda
Mr Maiku Lal started mango cultivation about 35 years back in Sarsanda village. He developed a flair for cultivation of seedling types, which are trees grown from seed, because of their multi-purpose character for a wide range of uses and their ability to thrive on land where grafts are difficul.... Read More..
Nawab Hasan
Conserving Century-old Mango Varieties in Kasmandi Kalan: The Story of the Nawabs
Long known for its mango orchards, Kasmandi Kalan is surrounded by mango trees all around, including a wide range of traditional varieties, both commercial and non-commercial. Kasmandi Kalan is the birthplace and residence of several Muhammadans distinguished for learning and wealth. The interest.... Read More..
Parmeshwar Sharma
Holds the Tradition of mango growing
He is a 75-year-old farmer, maintaining a mango orchard as his major source of livelihood. He is primarily a mango grower who maintains 44 varieties of mangoes, including 40 indigenous and seedling types.Average age of the trees in his orchard is 30. The mango diversity maintained consists of mainly.... Read More..

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Custodian farmers from other part of India

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